Blinds have long been perceived as an alternative to curtains. One of their main advantages is the ability to control the degree of penetration of light into the room. And this helps to reduce the load on the air conditioning system, eliminate glare from the sun, hide from unwanted looks, and also ensure a favorable sleep. Our online store offers you to buy blinds for windows of two types of structures: horizontal and vertical. Consider the features of each of them: Vertical. Pretty common option. The lamellas here are located from top to bottom, they can be completely moved to the side or rotated. Material for manufacturing is used in different ways: fabric with special impregnation, metal, plastic and thread. The latest version of the installed version is often confused with a muslin curtain, but the blinds look neater and have more functionality. One of the main features is the ability to automate. That is, the design is equipped with a special mechanism, and you can adjust the degree of dimming in the room only with the remote control. Horizontal A great option for those who like to save space, since such blinds do not take up much space. Most often, customers choose a mounting method next to a double-glazed window, where each structure is mounted on a separate sash. This type of fastening turned out to be relevant in a variety of areas: from offices to balconies. By the way, horizontal blinds are often used together with day curtains. Both those and other blinds are equally well suited for both workrooms and residential. Each of these types of installations has its own advantages, so only you can choose which blinds to buy. On our site you can find a lot of additional information about the features of tog

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